sokcho sokcho fall picture sokcho fall picture sokcho fall picture

Yukdam Fall

Yukdam Fall is consisted with six deep pools. Its water flow is not very strong, but it makes five different puddles as the water flows the valley, which is very interesting to follow and see.

Biryong Fall picture

Biryong Fall

Biryong Fall is relatively short fall with total height of 15m, but is famous for beautiful scenery. It has the most number of visitors since it is close to the Small Park as you need to walk about 2 hours but you can still experience beauty of the valley and feel like being in the deep woods.

Towangseong Fall picture

Towangseong Fall

Towangseong Fall is covered with the wall of rock just as a piece of art. In a long distance, you will think an angel could have hung out white silk cloth on the rock, and its unique shape and great size attracts tourists. During winter, many climbers visit to enjoy ice ridge.

Oryeon Fall

As you step into the gorge of Oryeon Fall, you will enjoy the true beauty of mountain fall. Thick forest and trees are laid around the fall, while 5 consecutive falls pour out water in between stone valley, which fulfills the whole valley.

Yangpok Fall & Eumpok Fall

As you pass by Biseondae and follow up Cheonbuldong Valley, there is a place where there a division of path in left and right sides. From here, water flows in two sides and the fall on the left side is Yin Fall and right side is Yang Fall. Cheonbuldong Valley is formed as these two falls are combined.

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