sokcho Nangmyun Makguksu
Hamheung Nangmyun (Cold Noodle)

Hamheung Nangmyun Cold Noodle

Thin noodles made with sweet potato starch maintain special chewy taste of Hamheung Nangmyun. Try the noodle with flounder sashimi or seasoned Pollack for better and chewy taste.Thick beef soup and clear dessert soup reduces hot taste in your mouth.

Makguksu (Buckwheat noodle))

Makguksu Buckwheat noodle

True taste of Sokcho Makguksu depends on the taste of Dongchimi (watery radish kimchi) soup. Every house make Dongchimi according to their own family recipes and it tastes much better than any other beef stock. Slightly frozen Dongchimi soup gives unique taste with spicy sauce and buckwheat noodle.

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