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  • Sokcho Fish Market Merchant Association : 033-633-3501
    Dried Squid Association : 033-632-9807
    Jeotkkal Association : 033-638-3114
  • Sokcho Specialties can be purchased mainly in Sokcho Fish Market, Daepo Harbor and Dongmyeong Harbor, or even in every area of Sokcho.


(Salted Pollack roe, Salted Pollack tripe, squid, octopus, Pollack, scallop, herring roe, baby octopus, clam) You can take some part of fresh ocean in Sokcho with Jeotkkal. It is one of the most renowned specialties of Sokcho, and Jeotkkal Festival will be hosted during Seorak Festival in October. You can frequently find shops that sell Jeotkkal, however, favorite shops of popular restaurants with Jeotkkal can be found in Sokcho Fish market. Some of these shops do deliveries too.

Sikhae(Flounder, Pol fish, Sand fish and Lance fish)

SikhaeFlounder, Pol fish, Sand fish and Lance fish

Flounder Sikhae is preserving food that seasons fresh flounder with sliced radish. Taste of munching radish and flounder that you eat with its bone is great. The first bite might be strange, but you will never forget its taste once you had one. Recently, sweet Pollack Sikhae is getting popular than flounder Sikhae.

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