Sokcho Municipal Museum

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Sokcho Municipal Museum
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Sokcho Museum

Sokcho Museum presents history, culture, and tourism on the city as a whole. Opened in November 2005, the museum has three exhibition rooms dedicated for specific themes, namely, history and culture (of mountain villages, Buddhism, and folklore) for the 1st exhibition room; cultures of the fishing villages and displaced civilians for the 2nd exhibition room; and the life rituals and amusements of the ancesters for the 3rd exhibition room.

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Displaced Civilians Folk Village

The village is somewhat like a folk village. The village has reproduction of houses of 5 northern provinces, ‘Hakkobang Alley’ and its wax models that recreated Abai Village when it was first built by displaced civilians of North Korea, and reproduction of Eunsuh’s house as seen in ‘Autumn in My Heart’. The houses of 5 northern provinces are open as accommodation.

  • 16, Sinheung-2-gil
  • 033)639-2028(Reservation only via webpage of Sokcho Museum)
  • Stay in the Traditional House Program: 40,000~80,000 KRW (for 1 night)
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Balhae History Museum

Balhae History Center is part of the Sokcho Center, and is the only exhibitor in South Korea on the history of Balhae. Opened on July 10, 2009, the Center serves as the space of history education and cultural experience that overviews the illustrious history and culture of the kingdom of Balhae, and the lives of its people.

  • Sinheung-2-gil
  • 033)639-2977
Sokcho City Hall, 183 Jungangro Sokcho, Gangwon State, Republic of Korea, 24826

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