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Jangsahang Port Catching Squid with Bare Hands

time the lastten days of Jurl ~ early in August
place Jangsahang Port
phone number 033-632-9796

Jangsahang Port Catching Squid with Bare Hands
At this festival you can catch squid, which is specialty of Sokcho, while enjoying the whole day with your loved ones. Here, you can get into shallow water of Jangsa Harbor with 0.8 – 1m in depth, and catch squids by hands after wearing cotton gloves. It is quite hard to catch squid as it can freely move around in all directions and very slippery. However, any caught squid can become a dish of sashimi by first-class chefs of Jangsa Harbor sashimi restaurants. Vegetable, sauce, garlic and chili are all free of charge. Other events such as underwater tug-of-war, beach karaoke, diving competition and regional specialty market add more fun to your visit.


Sokcho City Hall, 183 Jungangro Sokcho, Gangweon-do, Republic of Korea, 24826. TEL 033-633-3171 Email :