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Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish

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Around Joongang-dong and Cheongho-dong in Sokcho, you can find lots of grilled fish restaurants. They grill various fish such as mackerel, saury, squid, flounder, swordfish, shrimp, sandfish, Spanish mackerel and lance fish. Two important points about grilling fish is to get fresh fish in season and make sure to get rid of fishy smell.
When fish is grilled right, it is more tender than beef.

Even from the past, sandfish tasted so great, it was part of King’s dishes. You can enjoy sandfish in soups or even as grill and sandfish tastes best between October and December.
Lance Fish

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In November, you can try lance fish in lower prices, as there is Lance Fish Festival. Lance Fish is grilled as a whole, so it is high in calcium as well. Try Lance Fish filled with roe in this winter! Also called as Kkanari, Lance Fish is special winter dish that attracts tourists who pass by the wharf, with its strong flavor and savor that

Gomchi Soup

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As Gomchi Soup has no fishy smell and is filled with tender fish fillets, it became popular among fishermen to have in early freezing morning. Filled with kimchi and chili powder, it is the best soup to relieve hangover.