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Seorak Cinerama

time 9am–5:40pm
phone number Seorak Cinerama
033-630-5880, 5876

Seorak Cinerama
If you are going to visit Seorak Water Pia, you should stop by Outdoor Studio Set for Korean Drama "Daejoyeong." Go back 1,300 years and see Balhae! Looking at Daejoyeong and Balhae means remembering great history of Korea and having historical insights and visions for the future. Power that established great Balhae still lives in us.

The outdoor studio set has total area of 89,000m2 and about 100 different old building including castles of Goguryeo and Balhae, government offices, market, homes of Goguryeo and castles of Tang Dynasty. Every building such as tombs of the Great King Gwanggaeto, Tunnel of Dongmosan and military camp of Balhae is reproduced with historical facts.