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time Closed on every Monday
(Opens everyday in July–August)
Opening Hours: 9am–6pm
place 156, Expo-ro
phone number 033-638-7712
Turning wheel experience 20,000 KRW;
Making of cups, dishes, and mugs 10,000~20,000 KRW

Seokbong Ceramic Museum

    Seokbong Ceramic Museum image

Seokbong Ceramic Museum has wide range of displays: in the museum on the pottery culture of Korea that once gave life to the lush inlaid celadon of Goryo and white porcelain of Joseon, the biggest ceramic dish as recorded in the Guiness Book of Records, porcelain murals, and celadon works from around the world gives a glimpse of the world of pottery. The 1st floor of the museum is a video room and exhibition rooms on landscapes and history, 2nd floor has exhibition rooms with wide range of themes including the five mountains, four seasons, the Seorak mountain, and the world, displaying wide range of ceramic artworks. The museum also has a pottery experience program.

National Mountain Museum

   National Mountain Museum image

National Mountain Museum is a comprehensive presenter of mountain culture in South Korea, and presents alpinism in the country, as well as legends and history of the mountains. The first floor has video presentation and special exhibitions, along with mountain experience room, rock climbing experiences, and mountain schools on the 2nd floor, and 3 exhibition rooms on the 3rd floor dedicated to history of climbing, important people in the history of climbing, and climbing culture.
- 3054, Misiryeong-ro
- 033)638-4459
-09:00~18:00(March~September), 09:00~17:00(October~February), Last entry at 17:00
-Closes on Mondays (Tuesdays if the Monday is a national holiday), January 1st, Lunar