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Yeongnangho Hwarangdo Experience Sites

time Closed on every Monday
place 421, Yeongnanghoban-gil (Hwarangdo Experience Complex near Yeongnangho)
phone number ssociation of Korean Traditional
Martial Arts and Polo on horse :
033-637-3400 / 3500

Yeongnangho Hwarangdo Experience Sites
According to a legend, a Hwarang named Yeongnang was passing by the lake after training in the Geumgangsan Mountain, and was enchanted by the beautiful Yeongnangho lake and decided to stay besides it. Hwarangdo Experience Sites was located besides the Yeongnangho Lake to commemorate the spirit of Hwarang, inheriting the Korean traditional horse riding, and is distributing modern forms of education for Hwarangs, including horseback martial arts, archery, meditation, 18 Forms of Martial Arts, and tea ceremonies. The site gives unique experience programs for basic horse riding, archery, and Korean polo games of Jisang Gyeokgu and Bogyeokgu, along with performances of horseback martial arts for group of 200 visitors and more.