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Marine Leisure

Sea Fishing

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You can enjoy sea fishing at every harbor of Sokcho. In every season, flounder, trout and rockfish are easily caught as soon as you drop a line. To start sea fish, you need to use fishing boat that is registered on each harbor’s fishing village cooperatives. You can pay less if you go on fishing in a group and don’t need any equipment as you can rent the whole fishing set. In Daepo Harbor, Oiongchi Harbor and even at Sokcho Harbor, you can enjoy the thrill of fishing.

  • Open throughout the year (Except in bad weather)
  • Fishing Village Cooperatives for boat fishing
    Daepo Fishing Village Cooperatives : 011-376-3463
    Oiongchi Fishing Village Cooperatives : 011-373-0139
    Naemul Fishing Village Cooperatives : 010-9877-7473
    Dongmyeong Fishing Village Cooperatives : 010-7130-0844
    Jangsa Fishing Village Cooperatives : 011-9756-3408
  • * Sokcho Sea Fishing Experience 033-631-0285
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Scuba Diving

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Many divers from throughout Korea visit Sokcho in Summer since there are lots of great diving points in Sokcho. So you can find more diving rental shop, teaching places and resorts than other places in Korea. They have a well-organized education system for each level, so even if you don’t have any diving experience, you can enjoy diving here. With a brave heart and little time, you will encounter wonderful and splendid marine world under the sea, which is something that you’ve never seen before.

  • Open throughout the year (Except in bad weather
  • Scuba Diving Equipment Rental Stores in Sokcho:
    Marine Comprehensive Leisure : 033-632-6712
    Sealand : 033-632-3333
    Dongmyeong Scuba : 033-632-9311

Wind Surfing

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Since wind surfing uses wind and has big buoyancy, you don’t need to worry about sinking and everyone can safely enjoy surfing with basic equipments such as life jacket. At Sokcho you can try wind surfing at Lake Yeongrang, Lake Cheongcho and any of open sea. Especially, wind surfing at lakes has unique excitement as it is not like sailing through waves. Smooth sailing with soft wind and pleasant driving over lakes attracts beginner surfers to fall in love with wind surfing.

Marine Activities (Motorboats & Jet Ski )

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In summer, you can enjoy various marine activities at Sokcho. As you look at surrounding environments including Lighthouse Observatory and Jo Island, try riding on motorboats and Jet Ski in both lake and sea. Every year, motorboat and Jet Ski lessons are provided at Sokcho Beach and some resorts and lodgings provide lessons too.